Kone's Percussion Probe is made from
Honduran mahogany lovingly shaped for your
ergonomic comfort.  The 11 metalic touch
pads are designed for sensitivity and are
compatible with the trigger ins on all the major
brands of drum modules (Roland, Alesis etc.)
The momentary switch is used to change
patches or start/stop a sequence or drum
For inquires please call our number:
714-668-0678 or Email
Warning! This is not a toy or
gimmick but a pro instrument.  
You may feel the need to
practice to get the most out of
your Percussion Probe.
Kone Sound Electronics
635 Paularino Ave
Costa Mesa,  CA 92626
What in the world is this!?

The lovely Sarah is playing the newest and coolest drum / percussion
instrument on the planet!
Using the Probe with it's 11 touch sensitive trigger pads and your favorite
drum module you are now the driving rhythmic backbone of the next
super group or maybe just one of those obnoxious wanna bees in the
garage down the street.
It's all up to you !!!