Barona "Big Top" Casino
This was a temp building like a giant tent(1/2 acre inside)
with no support other than large I beams every 10' and
fabric in between.  We designed and welded the support
bracket to hold 4 Ramsa WSA-80s.  We used the
WSA-80s because there was a lot of humidity at the
center height of 45'.  The bracket is hung with only 2 tie
points and steel cable.
Pro Audio Commercial systems.  All
of these systems were installed by
Kone Sound.  Some were designed
by us some were designed by others.

They are still some of my favorites
Perris Auto Speedway
Just to clear the air....Everyone tried to take credit for this
installation.  The truth is we were the licensed sub
contractor and did the rigging of the 23 clusters and
pulled all of the wire.  Micworks.Inc deserves credit for
design, wiring the booth and everything else. They did a
great job!  This system is still talked about in the racing
community and is the gold standard.
Calvary Chappel South Bay
This system featured a center-left-right configuration
and all three clusters where asymetrical.  It made for
some interested rigging to get them to hang plumb.
The console and patchbays were wired by the late Bob
Lewis.  I included these shots as a tribute to my good
friend and as an example of how its done.
New Life Church
The Cluster had to be hung with no visible
support so we entered through the roof vents
and built a structure above the ceiling to hold
the rigging.  
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